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Our smallest diameter bldc motor BL1625 BL1625I B1625M 16mm inner rotor bldc motor

BL1625 is our newest brushless motor model for pumps, it can be used for Micro Pump, Switcher,air pump,diaphragm pump and so on. This bldc motor is an inner version, with 16mm diameter and 25mm length; its shaft diameter is 2mm, the common performances are DC6V and DC12V version, built-in drive is offered.


16mm bldc motor

Characteristic: CW & CCW, Signal function available, Locked rotor protection, Stepless speed regulation, Low noise, Low EMI, Long life 3000-30000hrs

Brushless DC Motor-Typical Application

Communication Device: Antenna RCU

Automobile Parts: Micro Pump, Switcher

Home Application: White Goods, Small Appliance, Kitchen Appliance,

Smart Home, Micro Actuate

Medical Apparatus: Medical Pump, Liquid Pump, Gas Pump

Industry Equipment: Micro Pump, Micro Valve, Instrument, Meter

Business Equipment: Scanner, Cash Register

Personal Care: Skin Care, Beauty Apparatus

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