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Our BL3640I 36mm bldc motor and data sheet

Kegu Motor developed OD 36mm BLDC brushless dc motor series has BL3626i,BL3630i, BL3640i, BL3650i and BL3657i high performance BLDC brushless dc motor:

We show the BL3640I 36mm bldc motor data sheet and application for you,

Characteristic: CW & CCW, Signal function available, Locked rotor protection, Stepless speed regulation, Low noise, Low EMI, Long life 3000-50000hrs

Motor size: 36m diameter, 40mm length, 4.0mm shaft

Home Application: White Goods, Small Appliance, Fanner, Coffee Machine, Milk   Tea Machine

Medical Apparatus: Medical Pump, Surgery Tools, Medical Stirrer, centrifugal   Machine

Industry Equipment: Pump, Portable Screwdriver, Small Compressor

Below is drawing for your reference, if you need specification, please contact us or send email, TEL:0755-27801762 Emailsales@kegumotor.com



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