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300W Power tools brushless motor is available

As one of the commercial of DC motor applications, the huge demand of power tools attracts many motor manufacturers. Compared with other DC motors, brushless motors, which are slightly high-end, also hope to conquer this business. According to the characteristics of brushless motor products, power tools are expected to become the first fortress to be overcome.

Hand-held rechargeable drill is mainly composed of DC motor, gear, power switch, battery pack, drill chuck, and casing. It is mostly used for screwing in and out of screws, wood screws, self-tapping screws, etc. It can also be used for drilling holes in various metals and woods. It uses battery power DC7.2V-18V. Like other electric tools, high-speed and high-torque is also a problem that must be solved when brushless motors are used in handheld rechargeable drills. Take the parameters of a certain 18V srcewdriver brushless motor as an example. At its best efficiency point, the load speed is 15000rpm, the load torque reaches 120mNm, and the output power reaches 300W. In the field of  electrice power tools, we have been working hard to develop new and better brushless motor.


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