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How to reduce gear motor noise

How to reduce the gear motor noise.

There are many methods of noise reduction for dc gear motor, which are divided into two categories: one is to actively reduce noise from the gear motor design, which enables the product to have low noise performance at the beginning of its formation. The product is easier to meet the lower noise requirements. The other type is that the product has been formed, and remedial measures are passively taken to reduce noise on the product, so that the product meets the predetermined low-noise performance requirements; such as improving the processing accuracy and careful assembly on the product, so that the noise can be reduced to a certain extent. Effect; but the method of improving gear accuracy and assembly accuracy has to pay a great economic price, and the improvement of accuracy also has certain limits and cannot be endless. Through the analysis of gear transmission noise and the analysis of the international research situation, it is emphasized that more damping materials should be used in the gear and installation. Pay attention to the gear design, measurement, inspection and good box design to make the gear transmission emit less noise. Method. The study of the influence of the external damping layer on noise, especially the noise reduction and remediation of the equipment that has been produced, has the advantages of simplicity and convenience, low economic cost, no need to make any changes to the equipment structure, significant noise reduction effect, and high cost performance. The improvement of equipment can be comprehensively controlled with other noise reduction measures. In this way, under the current market economy conditions, it is a better method that not only enhances product market competitiveness, but also improves performance and economic benefits. In this paper, through experimental research, an in-depth discussion on noise reduction by adding a damping layer is carried out, and the direction of the main application of the damping layer is proposed.

how to reduce the gear motor noise

Due to the many types of gears and the limitation of experimental conditions,this article focuses on the study of involute spur gear motors. Experimental results In order to explore the effect and application of damping materials in reducing gear transmission noise, this research conducted the following experiments. Except for low speed, the noise during plastic or rubber application is almost all lower than that of no damping material, which shows that the noise reduction plan with damping material is correct. The noise reduction effect is particularly obvious in the high-speed area, which can reduce 2 to 4 dB. This is what we expect, because solving the noise of gears at high speed is the key to solving the problem of a pair of gears, the entire transmission system and the entire machine. This is of vital importance for gear noise reduction. Pasting the damping material, the noise reduction effect of the speed reduction transmission is more obvious than that of the speed increase transmission. The reason is that the input speed is the same at this time, and the output speed of the down-speed transmission is much lower than that of the up-speed transmission, so the sum of the rotation speeds of the transmission shafts is small, and the noise is also small. Only the noise when the damping material is pasted on the big gear is almost lower than the noise when the damping material is pasted on both the large and small gears.
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