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How to Use Lubricating Oil for Gear Motor?

To ensure the working efficiency, working quality and prolong the service life , gear motor needs regular maintenance and lubrication. Now, let me introduce the requirements and precautions of lubrication for you.

What Kind of Situations Require Lubricating Oil?

1.The working characteristics of joint position for gear motor is frequent start-up and reciprocating in a small space, which can cause fretting wear. Replenishing lubricating oil can improve the fretting wear resistance for gear motor.

2.Gear motor is often in a state of boundary lubrication during operation since its high machining accuracy and small gap between friction surfaces, at the same time of increasing using in high load conditions. In this case, adding lubricating oil can improve the wear resistance for bearing, avoiding excessive clearance and lowering the accuracy.

3.Lubricating oil can reduce the vibration and noise of gear motor and make it have better impact resistance.

4.Adding lubricating oil can make planetary gear motor have great stability in high temperature avoiding loss and deterioration and oxidation stability ensuring the service life.

The Use Method of Lubricating Oil

1.The oil level should be pressed at the middle of the oil gauge or oil device when adding lubricating oil.

2.in normal , the lubricating oil in planetary gear motor should be changed after 220-hour using, and the lubricating oil changed should be better than the last one. Special attention should be paid to remove the  remaining dirty oil before replacement. The lubricating oil for gear motor working 10 hours per day is supposed to be replaced every three months, while which of planetary gear motor working 3 hours per day needs a replacement every 6 months.

3.Before using a planetary gear motor that has been not used for a long time, a new lubricating oil should be replaced.

Requirements of Oil Change for Gear Motor

1.Confirm the brand of new oil before using it. Do not change the brand of refrigerant oil as much as possible.It is forbidden to use ordinary engine oil instead to avoid accidents.

2.All the oil in refrigeration system should be drained out before changing new oil. Add a small amount of new oil and wash out all the old oil remaining in the refrigeration system, preventing the old oil damaging the performance indexes of new oil and influencing the service life of machine.

3.Before oil changing, sediment and rust in oil tank and suction device shall be thoroughly removed, and the oil pump and filter shall be inspected and cleaned, to ensure the purity of new oil and lubrication function.

Precautions of Use of Lubricating Oil for Gear Motor

1.the lubricating oil should be electrified and heated to keep the temperature of oil in the specified range when the planetary gear motor is stopped and the lubricating oil and refrigerant simultaneously exist in the refrigeration system.

2.In winter, when the lubricating oil and refrigerant exist in the refrigeration system, the management of planetary gear motor should be decided according to the type of planetary gear motor.

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