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Internal structure and transmission principle of planetary gear motor

Internal structure of planetary gear motor


02.Output Shaft

03.Oil Seal-Output Shaft

04.Bearing-Output Shaft

05.Sun Nut

06.Planetary Carrier

07.Internal Gear Ring

08.Planetary Gear

09.Using Connected Section's Gear

10.Needle Roller Pin

11.Sun Gear Input Shaft

12. Snap Ring

13.Bearlng-lntpLrt Shaft

14.Oil Seal-Input Shaft

15.Input Ftange

16. O-Ring

17.Breather Plug

18.Key-Output Shaft


20.Hex Socket Cap Screw

transmission principle of planetary gear motor

A、un gear

B、 planetary gear

C、 internal gearring

C、using connected section`gear

E、 planetary carrier

F、output shaft

The dc motor drive the sun gear in a direct connection , and the sun gear drives the planetary gear combined on the planet carrier to run. The entire planetary gear system rotates automatically along the outer gear ring, and the planet carrier is connected to the output shaft to achieve the purpose of deceleration. The higher reduction ratio is accumulated by multiplying multiple sets of stage gears and planetary gears.

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