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The finals of Alibaba international station Shenzhen entrepreneur competition 2020

Alibaba International Station (Alibaba--com) announced the launch of the "Digital Sea 2--0" plan. This "digital going to sea 2--0" covers the entire cross-border trade link, and comprehensively digitally upgrades Ali International's products and services in credit guarantees, payment finance, basic logistics, and cross-border supply chains. Among them, the most core change is the implementation of targeted drainage by country and industry, so that buyers and sellers can accurately match.
It is understood that Ali International Station is the first business of Ali Group and a one-stop cross-border trade transaction service platform. Every day, small and medium-sized enterprises from more than 200 countries and regions around the world trade on the platform. So far, the platform has nearly 300,000 inquiries and more than 20 million overseas buyers.

Under the background of the digital age, the international trade market is further sinking, and global small and medium-sized enterprises are increasingly becoming the main transaction body. The composition of overseas buyers is changing with each passing day. Times are easy to lose and opportunities are fast. As a business owner, do you also hope to set sail in the new wind and sail into the new blue ocean of trade?
On Step 10th, Alibaba International Station's 2020 Strategy Summit and Shenzhen Industrial Belt Launch Ceremony was held in Shenzhen. Together with sellers, we will explore new opportunities for cross-border trade in 2020, look forward to the development strategy of digital going overseas in 2020, and witness the new digital industry. The heavy debut of the belt.

Arm yourself with knowledge and gain greater energy among peers! 2020 Alibaba International Station Shenzhen Region Cross-border Entrepreneur Competition Finals, the strongest learning scene of the year.



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