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  • 25mm DC Spur Gear Motor,25mm dc gear motor,25mm me

    25mm DC Spur Gear Motor,25mm dc gear motor,25mm metal gearbox,GM25-370,GM25-370CA,GM25-370CA-EN,25A370,25mm gear motor,25mm gearbox,25mm spur gearbox,25mm dc gear motor with encoder,spur metal gear bo

  • Magnetic and optical incremental encoders,25mm DC

    Kegumotor provides a wide range of encoders to combine with the complete portfolio of DC, brushless and stepper motors. In the area of encoders, Kegumotor offers 2- and 3-channel incremental magnetic

  • 370 dc motor uses a 25mm magnetic disc and Hall ef

    Encoders for 25MM Micro Metal Gearmotors,25mm gear motor with encoder,The magnetic encoder for 370 motor provided by Shenzhen Ke Gu Technology Co., Ltd., the encoder can feedback 12 ppr when a single



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