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Intelligent reclosing device dc gear motor

Intelligent reclosing device (circuit breaker gear motor) , including circuit breaker and intelligent drive module, the intelligent drive module includes detection circuit, motor, worm drive mechanism, gear mechanism, linkage mechanism, turntable bearing, connector; when the detection circuit encounters circuit detection When the line fails, the motor starts to work; after the motor starts, the worm drive mechanism drives the gear mechanism to rotate, the gear mechanism rotates to drive the linkage mechanism, and the linkage mechanism drives the turntable bearing to rotate, thereby driving the circuit breaker connected to the turntable bearing through the connector.

    Intelligent reclosing device (circuit breaker gear motoris a kind of miniature reduction motor product used in electrical circuit switches. The main transmission structure is a reduction gearbox device composed of driving motor (micro motor and gearbox (reducer) integrated manufacturing; in different fields The technical parameters of the recloser motor gearbox are also different. They are usually developed with customized technical parameters. For example, the drive motor can use DC motors, brushed motors, brushless motors, stepper motors, coreless motors and other drive motors as the drive source , Gearbox can use planetary gearbox, ordinary gearbox, worm gearbox, cylindrical gearbox, etc. It can be used as reducer, output speed, power, voltage, current, reduction ratio, torque, diameter specification, gear material and other technical parameters are Custom developed. Shenzhen Kegu Technology Co., Ltd. can provide a complete of customized development solution services.
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