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Kegu Motor Provide Gear Motor For Vending machine

With many years of special research in the field of vending machine gear box, Kegu motor has designed a long life, low noise vending machine gear box to provide you with a vending machine gear solution.

Vending machines that specialize in all kinds of goods become essential automatic equipment for stations, subway stations, cinemas, streets, commissaries and restaurants. With the diversification of life needs, different types of vending machines have emerged, such as bread vending machines, perfume vending machines, cosmetics vending machines, mobile phone vending machines and so on.

微型减速机_直流减速电机生产厂家_深圳市科固技术有限公司_微型直流无刷电机_无刷电机_内转子无刷电机微型减速机_直流减速电机生产厂家_深圳市科固技术有限公司_微型塑胶减速电机_塑胶齿轮箱_10mm 塑胶减速马达

(Pictured above is 37mm gearbox for vending machines)

The above vending machine gearbox was designed for specific customer,only displaying for gearbox scheme.Kegu motor can do product design, development and production according to customer’s needs, but not sell alone.

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