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Kegu Motor Provide Geared Motors for Intelligent manhole covers

At present, there are various types of anti-theft manhole covers on the market, but they are all the same. They are all based on the material and anti-theft design of the manhole cover to solve the phenomenon of the manhole cover being stolen. If the well cover is lost at the same time, the stolen location cannot be determined and repaired in time, which is likely to cause safety hazards.

   This solution proposes a remote monitoring system for manhole covers based on the Internet of Things model, combined with the use of the latest NB-IoT network advantages to alarm real-time theft of manhole covers, and can report the location of stolen manhole covers in time according to the built-in ID and 3D map.

    In order to improve the reliability of unlocking and locking of smart lock of intelligent manhole covers,Ke Gu Motor uses dc gearboxes to achieve the transmission demand of small volume and large torque. In the early stages of design, we can produce gearboxes of two-stage, three-stage, four-stage,and reduction ratio,input speed,torque and other technical parameters can be customized according to your design requirements of the intelligent manhole covers lock.

25mm dc gear motor

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