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Kegu Motor Provide Gear motor for fascia gun

The fascia gun is a new technology and is very popular in the gym for a while. After exercising, the sympathetic nerves are over-excited, causing the muscles to be too tight when they are static, resulting in fascia adhesions, which affect the recovery. The fascia gun touches the deep muscle layer through the impact movement of different frequencies, relieves muscle fatigue and pain, and can adjust the intensity and frequency. It has the penetration force from the gear motor that the hand massage don’t have. It is called “private masseur” by many users.

For the frequency modulation structure of the fascia gun, when the speed difference is not large, noise is an important evaluation index of the motor quality, and is also an important reference factor for users to purchase products. 40-60 dB is equivalent to ordinary indoor conversation. 60-70 dB is equivalent to shouting and it will damage the nerves. The noise of micro brushless geared motors from Ke Gu Motor is repeatedly tested by 10cm distance.We try to reduce the noise while improving the normal hitting frequency and strength of the micro gear motor,so the motor noise range is generally controlled between 30-50dB.

The fascia gun has now become very popular in the sports area. Its important selling point is to help deeper fascia relaxation. The fascia gun is suitable for muscle soft tissue. If the impact is too strong or too small, It is easy to cause muscle damage or lactic acid accumulation. Therefore, it is necessary to accurately control the massage force of the fascia gun, but it may be difficult for manual massage or some foam motor technology.

With the intensification of market competition, fascia gun manufacturers need to a suitable gear motor to meet the quality demand. Ke Gu Motor’s gear motors for  fascia gun motors has adapted to the convenience, differentiation and fashion of massage products. In addition, we can provide the design of the transmission scheme of fascia guns and other types according to the needs of customers.

12mm plastic planetary gear motor with metal shaft from Kegu
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