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Ku Gu Motor provides the perfect solution for hair dryers

Hairdryer, also known as Blow Dryer. An electrical appliance used to dry and assist the hair in order to get a look. In 1925, when the first hairdryer appeared to the public, it was inefficient, bulky and could only be found in big sizes. These days, hair dryers have become so compact and efficient that one can easily fit them in their purse or pocket. They are available in a variety of sizes, heat capacity, and exhaust fan size for blowing air. Inside these electric dryers are heating elements, this heating element heats up, and the air gets hotter when it passes through this heating element. This heating element is usually made from tungsten, the same material form which an electric bulb used to be made from.



A conventional Hair Dryer has an electric motor. When current is supplied to the electric motor, the motor’s shaft rotates, this shaft is connected to the shaft of the blower fan, resulting in rotation of the fan blades and hence blows air. The blown air passes through the electric heater, and hence out of the Hair Dryer casing, hot blown air is received. A Hair Dryer has an electric motor, a radial fan, an electric heater, and a casing. Ke Gu Motors is also the pioneer of modern motor technologies and provides the best motors out there. Their motors require less maintenance and are vibration-free. Their motors have an enormous life cycle. They provide torque and speed characteristics according to the requirement of the application it is being brought into use. We at Ke Gu motors, make a variety of electric motors, let it be AC or DC, we have a perfect solution for whatever application you need.

Advantages of Ke Gu Motor

No vibration whatsoever

Higher efficiency

Low noise

Better exhaustion

Made for better heat dissipation

Permanent magnet construction



By Shen Zhen Ke Gu Technolgoy Co.,Ltd(http://kegumotor.com)

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