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Kegu Motor Provide Geared Motors for Smart Energy Meter

With the acceleration of the development and utilization of electric energy, smart terminals of smart grids have gradually begun to deploy smart meters with functions such as electric power measurement and timing, billing, communication with master computer, and power management. At present, smart meters can be roughly divided into two categories: electronic mechanical energy meter and electronic energy meter. In the aspect of micro gear drive system, Ke Gu Motor helps the energy meter realize intelligent management and use.

Ke Gu Motor electronic mechanical energy smart meter solution

The electronic mechanical energy meter uses an electronic metering circuit to obtain a digital pulse signal, and then uses a micro motor to drive the code wheel to obtain the energy count value. This structure is a simple and feasible solution for an electronic meter, but the requirements of the circuit are high. All meters need to convert the electric energy value into a corresponding number of digital pulses according to a fixed ratio, then the micro motor rotates the code wheel.

At present, in order to ensure the accuracy of the meter and the consistency of the product, the electronic mechanical energy meter on the market need to increase human and material resources in the production process to screen the components and adjust the semi-finished products, resulting in long production cycles and high cost.

In order to solve this problem, we have added a gear reduction motor in front of the micro motor drive system with an electronic counting device. The planetary gear box structure is used to optimize the electronic count device of the code wheel drive system ,to stabilize the code wheel driven by micro motor and to solve the problems of concentricity and uniform speed of small-volume products, realizing that each meter converts the electric energy value into a corresponding number of digital pulses according to a fixed ratio, and drives the micro motor to rotate the character wheel at the correct speed. In order to achieve automatic metering and billing and control, it greatly reduces the production cost and production cycle and solves the problem of correct reading of smart meters.

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