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Communication Equipment

Kegu Motor Provide Gear motors for Outdoor Base Station Cabinet Lock

Urgent situations

Driven by the 5G communication system, the number of base stations and computer rooms is increasing, and the mobile phone signals are getting better and better, but the theft of battery packs, cables, copper bars, air conditioners, etc. in the base station has occurred frequently. This not only causes major economic losses to network operators, but also leads to communication and network interruptions, causing huge indirect economic losses to the society, and also causing headaches for communication maintenance engineers. How to effectively solve the security of unattended base stations, computer rooms and other site equipment has become an urgent problem to be solved.Most of the communication base stations are installed outdoors, and usually, the base station contains a lot of cabinets. Existing base station cabinets use ordinary mechanical locks for anti-theft, but this is easy to be stolen, especially for monitoring personnel, and It is difficult to monitor by the monitoring personnel. For the existing safety performance,In addition to our gearbox solution for base station antenna, we also design and develop a gear motor solution for smart lock of base station cabinet,solving the defects of poor anti-theft performance and untimely monitoring in the prior art.

Ke Gu Motor gear motors for Base Station Cabinet

In order to improve the reliability of unlocking and locking of smart lock of base station cabinet, Ke Gu Motor uses planetary gearboxes to achieve the transmission demand of small volume and large torque. In the early stages of design, we can produce gearboxes of two-stage, three-stage, four-stage,and reduction ratio,input speed,torque and other technical parameters can be customized according to your design requirements of the base station cabinet lock. After the information is transmitted, the correct information is checked and make feedback. The corresponding feedback is sent by sending different commands to the circuit board that can accept the Bluetooth information, and then the motor starts to drive the gear and the straight rack, and pushes the bolt up and down,realizing the effect of the switch.


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